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Disclaimer: I am not medically trained. I am not a researcher. I am not an expert. I am just a polyamorous female who has done her homework and is willing to pass along stuff.

Polyamory, STDs and Safer Sex

I was asked to point someone to a resource that would give them a crash course of specific safer sex information for polyamory. I could find no such resource, so I created one myself 

I do not intend this site to tell you what is appropriate or safe behavior - you have to figure our what works for you. This information is simply here to give you talking points about what factors you should consider when evaluating what risks you and your partners are willing to take. 

One thing I have learned with my years of experience with interacting with polyamorous people, is the wide variety in risk tolerance when it comes to STDs. You'll meet people who decide not to be concerned at all, and you'll meet others who are fairly phobic about it. If there's one things I hope you come away from this site with, it is this message:

Do not assume that everyone you're involved with shares your level of concern about STDs and safer sex.  You need to talk about it with your partner and potential partners.

So, I invite you to read the information linked to the left, so that you can help bring the 'responsible' part of 'responsible non-monogamy' to light. 

Learn more about the recent developments in treating sexually transmitted diseases.


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